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It’s a common mistake to have a website designed from the perspective of the business. Often these kinds of sites fail at even the most obvious task: Telling the customer exactly what it is they do!

Business owners and some content creators over complicate their sites by forgetting about the most important factor on their success. – The customer.

We’ve all visited sites that have frustrated us. Give your customers a stress-free journey and benefit from the calmness it creates!

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you can have a stress-free journey too

Choosing someone to design your site can be a complicated process. These days there are a myriad of options available to you, from DIY solutions to cheap freelancers, expensive agencies and everything in between.

It can leave you wondering if there really is that much of a difference. And there definitely is. I would say that my services fall somewhere in the “in between” category, but I consider myself to be more than just a web designer. And I don’t consider my fee to be a cost either. 

Feel free to browse the websites of cheap freelancers paying attention to little details like grammar and ask yourself if you can trust someone who makes basic mistakes on their own site to build one for you. 

Allow me to take the guess work away. I will only take on your project if I can improve your business. You won’t need to worry about a thing!

How a typical project looks.

step 1- brand strategy

Before starting on the design we will discuss and identify the best strategy to grow your brand.

step 2 - design presentation

You will then receive 3 design concepts to choose from that fit your brand and the message you want to deliver.

step 3 - content creation

For maximum growth, content is king, so we will begin your journey by making your site content rich from the outset focusing on keywords that will help it rank on search engines.

step 4 - website build

With the design concept confirmed and content in place the next step is to put it all together and build the site.

step 5 - Launch

Once we are ready to launch we will discuss the best initial marketing strategy to give your brand an initial boost and start to grow your audience.

Step 6 - Ongoing Support

Following the launch of your site we can discuss your needs going forward in order to maintain maximum growth.

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