Stay open for business…even when you’re closed!

Stay open for business…even when you’re closed!

What if I told you, you could have a member of staff that would cost you less than minimum wage, work 24/7/365 and handle every aspect of your customer interactions flawlessly?

That is exactly what your website is meant to do for you. If you’ve felt shortchanged by your website in the past then it’s likely that it was flawed in one of 3 key areas. We can think of this theory as a “Golden Triangle” of web design. Every point of the triangle depends on the other so the site as a whole can perform at its optimum level and achieve the best possible results.

Great Marketing

Usually the biggest hurdle to overcome is actually driving traffic to your website. You could have the best, most valuable website in the world, but if nobody knows it exists or how to find it, then it will seem like a waste of valuable resources.

Nowadays, with so much competition for attention on search engines and social media, if you did well enough to generate traffic, it would be a terrible shame to fall at the next hurdle…

Great Design

When your visitors arrive at your website, it is important that they stay there long enough to do what you sent them there for. Your site will only achieve this if the user journey is well thought out. This means more than just having a pretty site with nice fonts and colours. In fact, the elements you don’t see could have the most impact on visitor retention. eg; if your site hasn’t been built effectively, is full of unnecessary code and large images which makes it take an age to load up, you will lose a potential customer before they even see the logo at the top of the page.

If you’ve got all that sorted, then the visuals on the site need to direct a visitor easily to the information they want and to the action you want them to perform. The user journey will be different from one business to the next. If you have an e-commerce site you would like your customer journey to culminate in a purchase however, if you are a personal trainer, you might want the customer to book a session or submit their contact details so you can follow up on their interest.

The hosting provider you use can have a massive impact on your page speed. I’ve teamed up with SiteGround to provide hosting for all the sites that I build because of the reliability, security and support the service provides. (You can use this affiliate link for a substantial discount if you’re looking for a new hosting provider.)

Once you’ve established what the perfect user journey looks like, you need to ensure that your design can achieve this in the most pleasing, obvious and effortless way possible. This leads us to the final part of the “triangle”…

Great Content

Great marketing and a great looking site can only get you so far. This is where your content comes in to play. Firstly, you want to make it clear to your audience straight away what it is that you do. Don’t make people have to try and figure it out. Then you need to ensure that all the typical information a customer might look for is readily available. Your website needs to be able to build trust, demonstrate some kind of subject authority and give value to its visitors in order to motivate them to complete the user journey.

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